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How to read Exam Results

Exam Results Report

The Exam Results Report displays all of the exam scores you requested to be sent to Berkeley. It includes both non-credit (e.g., SAT and ACT) and credit-bearing (e.g., AP and IB) scores as well as exam dates.

How to access the Exam Results report

Once we have posted at least one of your exam scores, the report is available in Cal Central. To open your report, click on the ‘Exam Results’ link located on the ‘Academic Records’ card on the bottom left of your CalCentral, My Academics dashboard.

Academic records

How to read your Exam Results report

The report consists of four columns, including:

  • Exam ID – an abbreviation of the exam type (e.g., SAT for ‘Scholastic Assessment Test’ and AP for ‘Advanced Placement’)
  • Exam Name – a title that identifies the score for the overall (composite) exam or the subject of an individual test
  • Score – numerical score as given by the exam administrator (for A-level exams: A Grades = Score 1.00, B Grades = 2.00, C Grades = Score 3.00, etc.)
  • Date taken – month and year the exam was taken

Exam Results is organized alphabetically by Exam ID and Name.

As you read through the report, keep in mind that…

This report contains scores only. Any unit credit you earned from an exam score is posted in the Transfer Credit Report (TCR). If you are a new student, the score is posted in Exam Results a few months before the unit credit appears in the TCR. The exam score will be sufficient, however, to confirm that you have met a course prerequisite if that is enforced at the time of enrollment (e.g., Reading and Composition courses), and to satisfy (if eligible) requirements in your Academic Progress Report.

If you are missing exams. With the exception of final A-level exam scores, all of your scores are posted prior to your fall registration. Open a CSC case to let us know if scores are missing, and we will search for your score report. If you took an exam more than once, specify the sitting (i.e., date taken) that is missing.