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Our Mission

The Central Evaluation Unit administers the end-to-end (i.e. matriculation to graduation) process for the evaluation, tracking, and reporting of course work and exams toward degree completion and graduation verification. 

We do this by

  • executing transfer credit review and articulation,
  • implementing UC and Berkeley Division academic regulations and policies for degree requirements, and
  • leveraging student information systems to optimize the timely application of UC, transfer, and exam credit in the Academic Progress Report.

Our primary areas of responsibility

  • Reviewing courses for UC transfer eligibility
  • Posting transfer credit (courses and exams) for newly admitted students (Initial Transfer Credit) and continuing students (Add Credit)
  • Verifying completion of Entry Level Writing, American History, American Institutions and American Cultures.
  • Maintaining department, major and general education articulation agreements with the California Community Colleges (ASSIST)
  • Maintaining the Academic Progress Report  in alignment with Senate, College, Department and Group regulations and policies.

The CEU resides in the Office of the Registrar, Division of Student Affairs.

Contacting the CEU

Your college and major/minor advisers are your primary contact for questions regarding the eligibility of transfer credit (exams and courses) toward the satisfaction of degree requirements. Additionally, your advisers can also clarify degree requirements as published and tracked within the Academic Progress Report.

Before contacting us, please be sure to read through the website and faqs. Many of your questions will be addressed here. If you have any concerns regarding one of the following issues, please open a case with Cal Student Central:

  • Missing exams or transfer courses and/or errors in your Transfer Credit Report
  • Pre-evaluation of courses for transfer credit from a non-California Community College
  • Evaluation of transfer courses for purposes of completing American History and American Institutions with transfer course


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