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The Academic Progress Report (APR) is designed as a checklist for undergraduates. It can help you keep track of all of your degree requirements and monitor your progress toward completion.

The APR includes all eligible exam and transfer credit (as noted in your Exam Results and Transfer Credit Reports), along with Berkeley coursework to confirm satisfaction of requirements as assigned by the responsible unit (e.g., University, campus, college, major and minor department).

Please consult your college advising office to confirm the use of this report to verify your readiness for graduation. There may be additional reviews and/or issues to resolve in order to grant your degree.

Academic Progress Report

How to access the Academic Progress Report

To open your APR, click on the ‘View your Degree Requirements and Progress’ link located on the ‘Degree Progress’ card on your CalCentral, My Academics dashboard. (It may take a little time for the report to run so that the APR can review all of your completed, in-progress, and future enrollment courses to determine your status.)

How to read your Academic Progress Report

As you review your APR, it will be helpful to be aware of:

  • The Functionality used throughout the report
  • How the report is broken down into Primary Requirement Areas and Individual Requirement Sections
  • A few Tips and Tricks and FAQs to understand how the report tracks your progress.

FAQ about the APR